Tilt Current Meters

Key Features

  • Simple, rugged, low maintenance design
  • Seaweed snag-resistant
  • Change range in the field without software
  • Temperature sensor accurate to +/-0.1C
  • Tilt compensated compass for bearing measurements
  • USB 2.0 with standard cable and drag and drop data file offload


  • Water velocity for a fraction of the cost of an acoustic meter
  • 8 GB memory card eliminates memory concerns
  • Lithium battery allows continuous 4Hz sampling for more than 1 year
  • Multiple options for deployment including inverted orientation

Which tilt current meter is right for you?

We offer several models of current meters for different environments.  Our comparison table will help you determine which model would best suit your needs.

Tilt Current Meter TCM-1
Tilt Current Meter TCM-3
TCM-4 Shallow Tilt Current Meter
Tilt Current Meter TCM-5
Intended UseGeneral purpose meter for use out to the edge of the continental shelfDeep ocean meter for use off the continental shelfVery shallow water and intertidal areas less than 1-meter depthVery deep ocean of use in all but the deepest trenches
Single or dual range?DualSingleSingleSingle
Recommended Velocity Range0-40 cm/s

0-80 cm/s
0-80 cm/s0-50 cm/s0-50 cm/s
Accuracy2 cm/s + 3% of reading

3 cm/s + 3% of reading
3 cm/s + 3% of reading3 cm/s + 3% of reading3 cm/s + 3% of reading
Peak Velocity120 cm/s120 cm/s75 cm/s75 cm/s
Depth300 m4,500 m30 m10,000 m
Length73 cm77 cm25 cm109 cm
Weight340 g1290 g98 g1860 g