Our goal is that you never have any problems with any products from Lowell Instruments.  But if you do, this page contains the most up to date information about software updates, known issues, frequently asked questions and links to documentation. In the event that you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at support@lowellinstruments.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Starting with Windows 8 (and now 10), Windows will only load drivers that have valid driver certificates. Lowell Instruments has not obtained these certificates, so, in order to load the driver, you will need to restart with "Advanced Startup" enabled. View detailed instructions.

A: Windows assigns a COM port number for each physical USB port.  If you change the USB port that you use for communicating with the MAT-1 logger, Windows will assign a new number for that port.  Use the "find" button in the "Logger Status" screen to determine what COM port Windows has assigned for the logger.

A: The logger is most likely running.  Only one device, either the logger's microprocessor or your computer, can use the SD card at one time. You need to stop the logger in MAT Logger Commander: Go to "Logger Status", open the port and click "Stop Logging". Wait a few seconds and the drive should appear in Windows Explorer.

A: No. Unfortunately we do not support any version of Apple OS or Linux.  Please contact us if this is critical for your application and we can possibly move it up the "To Do" list.

A: The short answer is that the MAT-1 logger uses a microprocessor that is designed for low power, not fast USB speed.  Real-world transfer rates are 10-15 MB per minute (substantially slower than USB 2.0 flash card readers and much, much slower than USB 3.0 readers).  For files that are larger than 5-10 MB the fastest way to transfer files is to eject the SD card from the logger and read it directly with a flash card reader. Remember to stop your logger before ejecting the card.

A: There are two possibilities.  First make sure that you only have one version of MAT Logger Commander Running.  (The logger may be connected in the other instance of the application.)  The second possibility is that the Windows USB manager is confused; there are several variations:  Try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable and attempt to reopen the port.  If that fails, close MAT Logger Commander AND disconnect the logger, then reopen and reconnect.  If it still won't connect, you need to do the all-too-familiar Windows restart and try again (fortunately this is very rare).

A: You need a MAT-1 Battery Replacement Tool Kit.  The tool kit contains a special tool that allows you to easily open the logger with minimal risk of damaging the electronics.  The kit also includes the hex driver and one replacement battery (to get you started).  If you need to replace more than one battery, get one tool kit for the first logger and additional replacement batteries for the second, third... loggers. Due to the fact that the circuit board must be removed from the logger, it is not recommended that the battery be replaced in the field. See Accessories for additional information.

A: All computers should use the 32-bit version of the MCR (MATLAB version R2013b 8.2).  When MAT Logger Commander was compiled it was set to be compatible with 32 and 64 bit machines and needs the 32-bit version of the MCR to run. It will not run with the 64-bit version of the MCR.

screen magnification errorA: The MATLAB Compiler Runtime is not compatible with changes to display magnification in Windows.  To fix, open "Control Panel" then "Appearance and Personalization" and "Display" and change the view to "Smaller -100% (default)."  You will need to log off and log on again.  When you reopen MAT Logger Commander the screen will return to normal.




MAT-1 Logger & MAT Logger Commander Known Issues for Firmware Releases 1.0.118 & 1.0.122

1. USB File Transfer Conflict (1.0.118 & 1.0.122)

  • What: A communications error occasionally and randomly occurs when a file is being transferred from the MAT-1 Data Logger to a computer and the COM port is open. MAT-1 Logger Commander Software reports "Connection lost" but Windows will continue to transfer the file.
  • Impact: The USB COM communications has failed and must be reset.  Wait for the file transfer to complete and then disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.  Then reopen the COM port in the "Logger Status" page of MAT Logger Commander.
  • Work Around: To avoid the error, close the COM port before initiating large file transfers.

2. Green LED USB Status Error (1.0.118 & 1.0.122)

  • What: The Green LED does not remain on when USB is connected if "Enable LED while logging" was not set.
  • Impact: It is confusing that the USB connected status LED is not on when it should be. The logger will otherwise operate normally.
  • Work Around: Check "Enable LED while logging", save the Setup File and restart logging.

3. Green LED remains on after USB disconnected (1.0.118 & 1.0.122)

  • What: The Green LED occasionally remains on after the USB cable has been disconnected.
  • Impact: If the temperature channel is enabled, the LED will turn off upon the next measurement.  If temperature is not enabled, the LED will remain on for the entire deployment which deplete the battery and lead to premature battery failure.
  • Work Around: Check that the LED is off before capping the logger.  If it is on, reconnect the USB cable and disconnect.  The LED will be reset and will remain off until the next connection.

4. Data ends prematurely when "End Time" is specified (Only Firmware Release 1.0.118)

  • What: The logger is failing write up to 32K bytes of data at the end of a data file when "End Time" is specified.
  • Impact:  The impact depends on how the logger is configured but for short deployments, with small data files, this bug may result in the loss of a significant percentage of data.  For example, for a file size of 90 KB, the file will only be 64KB in size on the SD card.
  • Work Around:  Either do not use an "End Time" or set the "End Time" to a time beyond the end of the experiment and then manually edit the text file remove unwanted data.

MAT-1 Data Logger Windows CDC USB Driver

Windows requires that a Communications Device Class (CDC) USB  driver be installed in order for the logger to communicate with MAT Logger Commander.  The driver is automatically loaded when MAT Logger Commander is installed. But in some rare circumstances, it may not be loaded properly or may need to be reloaded.  The driver is found here.  To re-load the driver you will need to connect a logger, open the device manager, find the port and re-install the driver.