Lowell Instruments, LLC was founded in 2012 to provide advanced data loggers, software and instrumentation to the international scientific and engineering community. Lowell Instruments' first major project, the MAT-1 data logger, was developed for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Fisheries Service for use in an oceanographic tilt current meter.  Since then Lowell Instruments has been enhancing the product and software to support a wide variety of applications and uses.

The objective of Lowell Instruments is to help scientists, engineers and otherwise curious people achieve their research goals by providing reliable, easy to use and affordable instrumentation.  Lowell Instruments is led by its founder, Nick Lowell, and has a team of advisers who help with the strategic direction of the company.  The company also employs a variety of engineers and technically minded people to help with the development, testing, documentation and support of its products.

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