Lowell Instruments strives to help scientists, engineers and other curious people achieve their research goals by providing reliable, easy to use and affordable instrumentation.

Where are our products used?


Learn  how researchers are using our instruments in the field:

Hydrothermal Vents in Mid-Ocean Ridges

Lowell Instruments' sensors were used in WHOI/MISO loggers to understand fluid dynamics in hydrothermal vent systems.

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Cenotes in the Yucatan Penninsula, Mexico

Cave diving scientists discover methane and other dissolved organic carbon form the foundation of an underwater food web.

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Costa Rica Margin Expedition

WHOI's Alvin submersible deployed several tilt current meters to aid in the study of methane seeps in the ocean floor.

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Lowell Instruments Tilt Current Meter

2019 Grant Research Program


We are now accepting applications for our *NEW* 2019 Research Grant Program for academic researchers and students.  Click below for more information.


Research Grant Program

Deadline is July 1, 2019!




Domino Software

*NEW* Domino software is available for download.  It is in "Beta" testing but will soon replace MAT Logger Commander in late 2019.  Click below for more information.


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