Lowell Instruments updates the firmware of devices periodically as hardware changes, to add new features and to fix bugs.  Currently, there are three branches of firmware that are hardware specific. The table below lists the recommended firmware by date and serial number.

Serial Number Range Current Version of Firmware
1903250 and higher 1.8.74
1708006 - 1903249
1708005 and lower 1.0.124


To check your serial number and firmware version, connect to the meter with MAT Logger Commander and look in the logger information tab as shown below:

MAT Logger Commander Strart Stop Status Screen

If your logger has the most current version listed above (for your serial number range) you don’t need to do anything.  But if it has a version that is less than the current version, we recommend updating it at the next opportunity.

To upgrade the device firmware, download the Firmware Update Tool Guide (above right) and download latest version of the Firmware Update Tool to your Windows PC (ignore/bypass any warnings).  Then follow the guide for step-by-step instructions.

Screen capture of Lowell Instruments Firmware Update Tool
Software Downloads

LI icon  Firmware Update Tool 1.18

User Guide

pdf icon  Firmware Update Tool Guide

Firmware Release Notes:

The following notes are provided to better inform our users of the known problems with the various older versions of firmware.

Rev 3 Hardware for Serial Numbers 1903250 and higher. Current version 1.8.76

Known Issues for 1.8.74 & 1.8.75:

1. Intermittent corrupt temperature readings (1.8.74).

What: The temperature channel readings can show intermittent invalid readings when using burst logging at 32 or 64 Hz on the accelerometer and/or magnetometer channels. The frequency of occurrence is approximately 10%. The readings are obviously invalid (well outside of typical measurement range -10 to 70 C) and our testing has shown that they do not occur when using burst logging at 16 Hz or lower.
Impact: The invalid temperature measurements will need to be post processed out of the data file and the magnetometer values may also be invalid due to temperature compensation.
Work Around:  If possible, avoid recording at 32 or 64Hz. Please contact Lowell Instruments for the latest updates as we are actively working on a solution to this bug.


Rev 2 Hardware for Serial Numbers 1708006 -1903249. Current version

Known issues for version and below:

1. USB Communications Failure (,,, & 1.8.32)

What: A random communication failure may occur when the device is connected to USB. The failure is rare and is only known to affect a small percentage of units.  The green LED will come on, but the COM Port will not enumerate or open.
Impact: The logger has crashed and must be reset by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.  If the logger was recording, it will continue to run, but battery life will be significantly shortened.
Work Around:  None.

2. Data errors at 64Hz ( & 1.8.32)

What: When the device is configured to record the magnetometer AND accelerometer at 64Hz AND the Temperature (any rate), the datafile will contain periods of corrupt data for 1-20 minutes in length every ~12 hours.
Impact: The data will not convert correctly in MAT Logger Commander.  The data appears corrupt, but Lowell Instruments can edit the file and recover the missing data if provided with the data file on a per-file basis.
Work Around: Use burst logging to implement a non-continuous recording scheme.

Rev 1 Hardware for Serial Numbers 1708005 and lower. Current version 1.0.124

Known issues for versions 1.0.122 and below:

1. USB File Transfer Conflict (1.0.118 & 1.0.122)

What: A communications error occasionally and randomly occurs when a file is being transferred from the MAT-1 Data Logger to a computer and the COM port is open. MAT-1 Logger Commander Software reports "Connection lost" but Windows will continue to transfer the file.
Impact: The USB COM communications has failed and must be reset.  Wait for the file transfer to complete and then disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.  Then reopen the COM port in the "Logger Status" page of MAT Logger Commander.
Work Around: To avoid the error, close the COM port before initiating large file transfers.

2. Green LED USB Status Error (1.0.118 & 1.0.122)

What: The Green LED does not remain on when USB is connected if "Enable LED while logging" was not set.
Impact: It is confusing that the USB connected status LED is not on when it should be. The logger will otherwise operate normally.
Work Around: Check "Enable LED while logging", save the Setup File and restart logging.

3. Green LED remains on after USB disconnected (1.0.118 & 1.0.122)

What: The Green LED occasionally remains on after the USB cable has been disconnected.
Impact: If the temperature channel is enabled, the LED will turn off upon the next measurement.  If temperature is not enabled, the LED will remain on for the entire deployment which deplete the battery and lead to premature battery failure.
Work Around: Check that the LED is off before capping the logger.  If it is on, reconnect the USB cable and disconnect.  The LED will be reset and will remain off until the next connection.

4. Data ends prematurely when "End Time" is specified (Only Firmware Release 1.0.118)

What: The logger is failing write up to 32K bytes of data at the end of a data file when "End Time" is specified.
Impact:  The impact depends on how the logger is configured but for short deployments, with small data files, this bug may result in the loss of a significant percentage of data.  For example, for a file size of 90 KB, the file will only be 64KB in size on the SD card.
Work Around:  Either do not use an "End Time" or set the "End Time" to a time beyond the end of the experiment and then manually edit the text file remove unwanted data.

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