MAT Logger Commander Software is used to control Lowell Instruments' Loggers. The software is used to set up and control the logger (via a USB connection).  The software is also used to convert the data files from a binary format into a simple text file that can be opened by spreadsheets and other third-party software.


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Setup Logger for Deployment


  • Specify a deployment description
  • Choose recording intervals from 1 hour to 1/64 of a second
  • Program start and stop times
  • Enable or disable the LED
Start, Stop and Check Sensor Readings



  • View logger orientation in real-time via USB
  • Start and stop logging
  • Check magnetometer, accelerometer and temperature sensor values
  • Check and set the logger's clock
Convert Data Files to Text Files


  • Convert binary data files to text files
  • Choose time format
  • Split files into smaller files
  • Apply custom calibration coefficients
  • Convert pitch and yaw to current and direction for Tilt Current Meters