TCM-1 Tilt Current Meter

TDM-1 Tilt Current Meter

General Purpose Meter

  • Low cost current measurement
  • Two ranges in one instrument
  • Long battery life with ample memory
  • Easy to deploy and handle

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TCM-4 Shallow Current Meter

Operates in as little as 30 cm of Water

  • Ideal for shallow coastal ponds and rivers.
  • Easy to deploy by hand or from a small boat
  • Long battery life with ample memory

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TCM-3 Deep Water Current Meter

TCM-3 Tilt Current Meter

4,500 Meter Depth Rating

  • Intended for use off the continental shelf
  • Affordable alternative to acoustic current meters
  • Deploy with an ROV in study area
  • Long battery life with ample memory

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TCM-5 Very Deep Water Current Meter

TCM-5 Tilt Current Meter on sandy beach.

10,000 Meter Depth Rating

  • Designed for use in all but the very deepest parts of the ocean
  • Titanium housing with toughened syntactic foam floatation
  • Proven electronics design for reliable operation

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MAT-1 Data Logger™

MAT-1 Data Logger

Orientation, Tilt and Motion Data Logger

  • Three Axis Magnetometer & Accelerometer
  • Precision Temperature Sensor
  • Lots of Memory and Long Battery Life
  • Easy to Use USB Interface

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MAT Logger Commander Software™

MAT Logger Commander

Logger Software for TCM-x and MAT-1

  • Configure Sensors
  • Set Recording Rates
  • Set Start and Stop Times
  • Post-Process Data

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Batteries, Spare Parts and More

  • Batteries, Tools & Cables
  • O-rings & Lubricant
  • Anchors & Rigging

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