Which software should I use?

Currently you can download MAT Logger Commander Software or Domino, our newest software.  The software is required to operate all TCM and MAT data loggers from Lowell Instruments.


Domino VS. MAT Logger Commander

Domino does (almost) everything that MAT Logger Commander can do, plus a lot more.

Domino is faster and smaller than MAT Logger Commander and does not require the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (450 MB) to operate.

Domino is open source so as to maximize transparency and encourage collaboration.

Domino is the future.  MAT Logger Commander will be discontinued in late 2019.

MAT Logger Commander

MAT Logger Commander was developed for Windows computers and was written in MATLAB, a high level language for scientific and technical computing. MAT Logger Commander requires that the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) be installed on the computer.



Domino Software Screenshot

Domino is in beta testing and will soon replace MAT Logger Commander.