The On Deck Data System is a monitoring system for the automated collection of mid-water and bottom data by fishers without any additional labor.  The system consists of a Deck Data Hub and an OTD Logger.  Designed for low energy satellite communication and seamless cloud connectivity, Orientation, Temperature and Depth data is transferred from the OTD Logger to the Deck Data Hub when the logger is on deck.  Once the data is in the Deck Data Hub, it is stored locally and sent to the servers in the cloud via Wi-Fi, cellular or satellite transmission.  The OTD Logger is a durable instrument with a 0.1 C temperature sensor, 250 m depth pressure sensor, microSD flash memory card, a rechargeable battery and waterproof housing.  The Deck Data Hub’s software interface displays the temperature and depth data automatically for review by the fishers. The OTD Loggers are a cost effective alternative to traditional data collection methods, allowing many of them to be deployed at once to create a series or multi-layered system to better record relevant data over a wider geographic space.

OTD Logger

Deck Data Hub


pdf icon OTD Logger Data Sheet

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The On Deck Data System consists of the OTD Logger(s) and a Deck Data Hub.  Multiple loggers can be used with one Deck Data Hub.  The OTD Logger measures orientation, temperature and depth.  The Deck Data Hub automatically downloads the data when the logger is on deck, archives a copy of the data and plots the temperature for viewing by fishers.  The information is then transferred to the internet by Wi-Fi, cellular or satellite.


Example Data

Bottom Temperature Plots
Temperature plot showing 16-day bottom temperature series from two sites. Data collected using the On Deck Data System.



Key Features & Benefits

  • Temperature sensor accurate to +/-0.1C
  • Depth pressure sensor accurate to 250 meters
  • Records equipment orientation
  • Waterproof, rugged, low maintenance design
  • Long life lithium rechargable battery allows 1 minute sampling for 8 months
  • 7" touchscreen interface on Deck Data Hub
  • Data transferred to the cloud


More Information

To discuss your application email or call 508-444-2616