Office Assistant/Website Manager/Technical Writer/Person of all Trades

Lowell Instruments LLC, a start-up oceanographic instrument company located in North Falmouth, MA, is seeking a part-time employee to assist the owner/engineer with a wide variety of tasks.

Lowell Instruments is growing and evolving; the business needs someone to help with the workload.  The duties of this position will include longer-term projects and support for the day-to-day needs of the company.


Work will vary but is expected to include: website management, technical writing, customer communication, quoting, invoicing, inventory management and, occasionally, fulfilling orders.

Lowell Instruments is currently based out of the owner's home so the atmosphere is quite informal but focused and goal-oriented.

Minimum qualifications

Associates degree or at least 2 years work experience in a relevant position.  A person with substantially higher qualifications would be welcome; experience in a scientific/technical field could be particularly beneficial.


Some combination of: website management, technical writing, sales, marketing.


Organizational skills, verbal and written communication, word processing. Website management a plus.


Part time 16-24 hours per week on a mutually agreed to schedule.  Minimum of 8 hours per week to be spent at Lowell Instruments' location between the hours of 9-3, M-F; the remainder to be worked at the employee's home (or employee's preferred location).  Schedule can be non-traditional but employee must be reliable and organized.

Wage Range

$25-$35 per hour, depending upon employee's incoming qualifications and skills.  No benefits are available at this time (beyond what is required by law).


Please email Nick Lowell at

Posted January 4, 2018